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We all read about space when we were small and some of us are still curious about the topic. The Galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids and other celestial bodies, these topics were always fascinating. Many of us still do not understand the topics in its entirety but that is how astronomy is, vast and boundless. That doesn’t mean that our thirst to know more should be suppressed, we must always strive to seek for the right information.

Seeplutonow was born out of the same curiosity, as a group of astronomy freaks, we had hundreds of questions. While most of it was answered with the help of Google, there was no one definitive source which we could find. We had to scout through many websites to find answers. Which is why we decided to create a comprehensive resource website about astronomy.

In this website, we will have buyer guides on various astronomical devices which we may use as a hobby, for example, Telescopes, Binoculars etc. We will also have frequent informative articles covering the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of astronomy. The buyer guides will be highly informative so that your money is spent on the best devices only and these devices help you understand astronomy from a different perspective.

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