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Best Travel Telescopes

We all have a strong curiosity for learning about space, the planets, galaxies and all the vast mysteries that the universe has to offer. If you love star gazing with a telescope then you might also want to take it with you when you travel.

After all, other places can give the chance to see the night sky in a way you couldn’t see from your home town. Ordinary telescopes however can be too bulky which is why you should pick the best travel telescopes.

Best Refractor Telescopes

There are three common types of telescopes that you can find. These are refractor, reflector, and compound. When it comes to refractor telescopes these have a big lens in front that passes light into a mirror and then into the eyepiece.

These are easy to use and also don’t require maintenance. The best refractor telescopes are for viewing objects or scenery, however, not ideal for space viewing.

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