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Our Mission

Many of us wanted to become astronomers as children and our dream was to travel to the moon or to Mars. Outer space is full of vast and boundless possibilities that have always sparked curiosity in children and adults alike. SeePlutoNow is a website created specially for those who are interested in learning about the planets, galaxies, stars, asteroids, and such other celestial bodies.

A platform established by a group of astronomy freaks, we aim to  provide information on the best astronomical devices, buyer guides, and informative articles on the many mysteries of space.

About the Founder

Dale Monroe

An astronomy enthusiast himself, Dale founded this website two years ago to help fellow space enthusiasts find interesting information and buyer guides related to astronomy. Monroe’s passion for celestial bodies first sparked  when he was a child and he attended a space camp during the summer. He went on to pursue a degree in Astrophysics. Monroe is a professor at New York University and this blog is the fruit of his love for outer space.

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